Dark Souls 2: Scholar Of The First Sin Trainer

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Supported versions: should work on all.

You will need to have .NET Framework 4.6 installed.


  • Infinite health
  • Teleportation (save/load player coordinates with ability to write them down for later use). Based on Alexander D solution. Better load coordinates when player is staying and then after load try to move - you should teleport, if not then spam loading key more.
  • Item discovery (luck) is maxed (will drop from each enemy and all rarity)
  • Infinite inventory items (do not decrease when used)
  • One hit kill (all other npc/enemies will die from one hit or health loss) - note that your summoned npcs will die from one hit too or even from small fall with health loss
  • Soul history (is increased only when current souls become greater than souls history) with option to stop souls increase
  • Add souls as much as you want (max 999999999) - this option will work only when soul history is enabled and when after that you kill at least one enemy that gives you souls. First souls history is increased if specified souls are greater than souls history.
  • Infinite durability, stamina, torch, magic

You can also replace drop from one next enemy (does not affect bosses) with selected item (items and their codes are located in items.txt file). After enemy is killed you can get a list of its possible drop items. Item discovery does not need to be activated (but its easier to get item with it enabled).

Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the first sin items ids

Known issues:

Teleportation normally works in instances that are loaded into games memory. If you teleport to far region that is not loaded into memory - your character will fall (for long) and die.